As 2019 quickly passes us by, we're seeing evermore acquisitions being made by large oil & gas companies such as BP and Shell. With this, people I talk to within the industry either praise their keenness to invest and adapt to the ever changing world, or they still maintain the notion that they're outdated and dirty, and that they should remain at an arms length away from companies such as Limejump and sonnen. 

I believe the transition to a cleaner and greener world can only be achieved if the likes of Shell and BP take interest, offering not only investment but added support to startups & innovative companies. 

The Hyperion team often works alongside start ups, building teams from the ground up and bringing in the very top talent. We have a long history within the clean tech sector and we're a team filled with passionate and experienced members. We thrive on finding the best people for the best companies who are leading the transition to a cleaner energy system. 

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