Two things I love most about this headline, and article, firstly, that is is in an Oil & Gas publication, and the second is the word 'remorseless'.  I think by now of course even the most obstinate Oil & Gas execs know the direction of travel, and their game is to eek as much value out of their businesses, exploit the tax breaks, subsidies and lack of environmental protections to get fat while they can. Oil, gas and nuclear companies never pay for the damage they cause, and the clean up.

Remorseless is the thing, there is no end in sight for the cost reductions in solar, wind and battery storage, the tipping point has passed, let's just hope we can overcome the political hurdles to make change before the planet passes the tipping point of climate catastrophe. It's going to be close!  If you want to play your part, we build teams for the world's leading renewable energy, energy storage and cleantech companies.