I find it really interesting, and in truth amazing, when the Electric Vehicle naysayers, particularly on Linked In, and Twitter, are so vicious and vehement in their abuse of EVs. Myths and outright lies abound. I know there is a lot of hype around EVs too, and that many hurdles still need to be overcome. But they are being overcome, particularly around battery capabilities, range, and the amount of renewable energy that typically powers your EV (100% for me and many as we buy green electricity). And of course the number and cost of EVs available. As Tony Seba points out, we went from 100% horse-drawn traffic, to near as damn 100% combustion engine traffic in 13 years. Wasn't that move more dramatic (the auto and oil industries barely existed at the time) than what we face now!? We already have advanced Auto, Electricity and Battery industries investing billions each year. These numbers might be relatively small, but (forgive the pun) the direction of travel is pretty obvious!