The glaringly obvious is seldom thought of. This short article addresses a number of issues, the key ones relate to

The future of work

EV/Automotive business models and supply chain

Both huge topics. I think the first is the greater. It's well known that EV's require substantially less maintenance, and that poses a huge threat to Car dealerships and Autoshops, as the quote below shows. EV's will need to be maintained, and Pre Autonomous driving at least, need body repairs. But who will do it? Firstly, the business case/model needs to be defined to create or adapt the businesses to do the work. Secondly of course, who is going to staff those maintenance/repair shops?  We know mechanics love engines, and getting down and dirty, and the intricacies of engine repair. All that disappears with EVs.  Not only does autonomous driving pose an existential threat to taxi/truck/delivery driver jobs, EV's post the same threats to mechanics and repair guys, and girls. Too big a topic for a quick comment, but the future of work is something I address in my recent 'This week in Cleantech' podcast, as well as an article I've just written for the Fully Charged Almanac. Disruptive times.