The North West Hydrogen Alliance (NWHA) has come together to highlight how the region could make hydrogen energy a reality in the UK. 

They contend that the North West has the industry, infrastructure and innovation to lead the UK’s hydrogen energy revolution, bringing with it huge benefits including new jobs, skills and investment. 

 Furthermore, the region is also home to two major hydrogen development projects. The first focuses on a public network where hydrogen is being blended with natural gas to be used and tested through Cadent’s HyDeploy scheme. The second project is planning on using hydrogen for significant CO2 emissions savings from industry, homes and transport. 

Witnessing a new energy vector emerging in the market is positive to see, especially when much of the research and development is occurring on your doorstep. Introducing hydrogen to our energy system can only help secure our energy independence and reduce our overall reliance on oil, natural gas and coal.