2018 has seen more traditional power companies than ever look to diversify their oil heavy portfolios and significantly invest in renewable technology. 

With research pointing towards the world shifting from fossil fuels to renewables by 2035, a time when EVs, wind power and solar power will be more prevalent than gasoline-powered vehicles or fossil fuel based electricity, this is no huge surprise and British oil giant BP offers a great example of this. 

The company have installed a battery storage system for the first time at one of their wind energy farms in South Dakota, a move BP hopes will provide a blueprint for adding similar power storage technology at other US wind power sites. 

By installing (in this instance a Tesla Powerpack) flexible technology at their sites, BP will improve energy efficiency, address the intermittency of wind power by storing surplus electricity to meet demand when the wind is not blowing, and ultimately drive development of the renewable power generation industry.

It's a fascinating time to recruit in a rapidly changing and nebulous North American industry and Hyperion Executive Search are building teams for companies on both sides of the fence - those developing, building and operating multi-million renewable energy projects and those providing the energy storage technology solutions that can balance out the variable output of renewable energy sources.