This has been muted for a while. Many questioning how this passed EU State Aid rules and regulations, and I guess we'll hear more about that in the coming months. There are several other questions it will be interesting to see play out. Firstly, despite €1 Billion being a substantial sum, we saw from BNEF this week a forecast of $1.2 Trillion being required this side of 2030 to achieve predicted need, can €1Billion really get to a 30% of global capacity? The other question, is how competitive a European plant can be, against Chinese and other APAC locations? The good news of course is that the drive for energy storage and eMobility is accelerating, and making renewables every more easy to implement into the grid, and transport tailpipe emissions free, can only be a good thing.  And Hyperion will continue to serve these sectors as we have been doing for the last four years.