I don't often write about interviews, or job applications, which is perhaps a bit odd, given my company, Hyperion Executive Search, is all about talent acquisition and recruiting. The truth is, whilst as a team have a HUGE passion for the cleantech sectors we serve, and talk about cleantech constantly, we're also uber passionate about recruiting. Our very purpose is 'To find the best people, for the best companies, achieving the best results, for the best possible future of the clean energy and mobility transition'. That means we have a passion to help people into their perfect jobs, where they can be most productive, happy and fulfilled.  Of course there are many good recruiters out there, but without a doubt the majority are only focused on making a fee. There are some useful tips in this article from HBR, it's worth a read. What I would say, is not only to be sure to express your intrinsic motivation for the job you apply for, but if that is not explored by the hiring manager, or the recruiter interviewing you, think twice about the company or recruitment company, and whether either has your best interests at heart, I'd say they don't.