ChargePoint have set a huge target for themselves and have challenged their UK rivals to follow suit. With the ever growing electric vehicle market seen throughout Europe and the UK, charging infrastructure needs to develop along with this increase. Nevertheless, I don't believe quantity is the right move for the UK, especially when it comes to public charging facilities. We've already seen our news feeds spattered with people moaning about public charge points, whether it's someone who see's them as an eye soar or people who're worried about tripping over them when hooked up to street lighting; it is clear that there is some controversy.

Anyway, what I'm trying to convey is that we need to think smarter about where we're installing these charge points, quality is much more important than quantity and I think there is huge potential for new inventive methods. Wireless charging is an option to consider as it focusing more so on residential and work place charging. The idea of filling up car parks with chargers simply to hit targets isn't going to solve anything.