The vast majority of the European solar industry will be celebrating the removal of the Minimum Import Price for Chinese PV cells and modules coming into Europe. As of midnight tonight it will cease. This will have a number of consequences both in terms of new solar projects and European manufacturing. As subsidy-free solar is beginning to stack up in many European countries, falling equipment prices should create a major boost to the economics of projects. Projects which were previously borderline in terms financial viability will hopefully now be in a position to go ahead making installing solar more attractive at all scales.

We will also certainly see a consolidation on the manufacturing side. With MIP protecting many smaller European PV manufacturers, I am sure many will now struggle to compete. Over the next couple of years I would predict that only the very large manufacturers will be able to survive and dominate the industry. 

Having worked in the solar and clean energy sector for the last eight years, I look forward to seeing how the next chapter unfolds.