Can green energy tariffs really be cheaper? 

For a long time switching providers to a greener option was something I felt passionate about doing but certain obstacles got in the way, obstacles which come with every day life like time, money and the general busyness. However I've now graduated and moved into the working world and for the first time I was able to flirt with the idea of spending a bit of extra cash on a green energy deal. Plus I didn't want to be the only one in the office without doing so, especially when working in the renewable energy industry!

I decided to shop around and weigh up my options and to my surprise I found that going with a green supplier my bills would be cheaper. Initial I thought I'd found a loophole of some kind but with the backing of this study conducted by uSwitch it is fully plausible. 

From this, I think it's my duty to shout out to my network that the time to change supplier is now, go green, save money and help promote renewable energy along the way.

Here at Hyperion Executive Search, we're all advocates for renewable energy and this is a fantastic way to make a small change that will not only benefit yourself but also the way your energy is supplied.