There are many naysayers when it comes to the electrification of transport. And that's understandable in some regards, I'm a former 'petrolhead' too, and many are threatened by change and the unknown. One of the big 'arguments' against is charging in cities, and for those without off-street parking. That indeed is an issue, before I moved house I could only charge at work. But one thing that many fail to understand is the pace of change and the investment into technologies which solve these issues. Ubitricity and others have a solution that makes lampposts charge points. Yes, the naysayers will say, but what if we call plug in at once. Yes, that would be a problem, now, but for how long? Progress is all around us, and at break neck pace. I'm proud that at Hyperion we work with so many of the companies leading the way to a clean energy and mobility future.