More good news to support the adoption of EVs in the UK. In order to achieve mass adoption there needs to be plenty of choice of how to charge EVs to be inclusive to all of society. People need to have the option to charge at home, on the street if they have no off-street parking, at work or on the go via fast charging solutions. All of these options will be important going forwards. Also what's really interesting here is the investment in wireless charging solutions for taxis and commercial vehicles so that they can charge their batteries without stopping their operations. 

As well as innovative technologies, the business models also need to be feasible so hopefully this competition will be a chance for organisations to showcase new developments in both of these areas. 

At Hyperion, we are working with leading organisations across the EV charging and Mobility as a Service sectors to find the key talent they need to achieve their growth objectives. We look forward to following the progress of this competition to discover new solutions in this exciting space.