It speaks volumes when the CEO of one of the world's largest oil companies supports bringing forward the ban on new petrol and diesel cars in the UK. Many in the industry also support bringing the ban forward to 2030. 22 years is too long to wait to implement this ban. If the ban is moved to 2030, it creates certainty rather than the notion that it will happen so far off into the future that we don't need to tackle this problem now. 

Legislation is obviously important in driving the transition to a zero emission transport future but consumers will play a key role in getting us there also. In the next couple of years when the choice of EVs is that much greater and the purchase price is at the same level as a petrol or diesel car, why wouldn't people make the switch to EV? Ongoing cost of ownership is vastly less and charging infrastructure is improving at pace. The government's Road to Zero strategy certainly has some real positives, but let's push to make these changes as soon as possible for the health of everyone.