The long-awaited Road to Zero strategy was unveiled this week and many people within my network are left questioning... could we have been more ambitious?

As I read through the document there are positive signs of change, the £400 million injection to the Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund is seemingly the most ambitious measure with installing EV ready chargers into new build homes being equally as forward thinking. I also look forward to seeing our streets being upgraded to integrate EV chargers and street lighting, the move to increase the number of public chargers is key to reducing range anxiety felt by many sitting on the fence regarding EV’s. Providing a strategy to educate the public is a measure I would see conceivable to implement, speaking with many of my friends tells me how confused people are concerning the adoption and benefits that come with driving an EV.

Nevertheless, I think a lot of my peers expected an alteration to the current 2040 deadline to phase out conventionally fuelled vehicles; even a measure to ban them in city centres would have been a more ambitious step to bring change closer. I don’t want to say I’m dissatisfied with the road-to-zero strategy, but I do think we could’ve been more ruthless. I do however believe that it’s a positive step in right direction.