Really cool name, even cooler project. 

This week, project owners Equinor (previously Statoil) and Masdar partnered with battery storage provider Younicos to complete the 1MW Batwind energy storage project, making it the first time a battery has been connected with an offshore wind energy project.

Based in Scotland, the 30MW floating offshore wind farm (another world's first!) to which the battery is connected, survived extremely hectic weather that battered the region towards the end of 2017, weathering both Hurricane Ophelia and Storm Caroline. 

The system is connected so that power from the Hywind Wind Farm can move through submarine cables to the battery storage facility and then onto the Scottish grid. In order to provide firm power, the battery is equipped with intelligent software which tells the battery to store electricity and for how long, and when and how much to inject back onto the grid.

This is another example of the essential role that storage will play as companies continue to push the frontier in producing sustainable energy. 

To paraphrase Bruce Wayne, 'Batwind has no limits!'