What I love about energy storage is that there is such a variety of technologies available can be utilised for different applications. From ultracapacitors and flywheels delivering seconds of storage to lithium-ion batteries delivering minutes to hours to longer duration flow batteries and liquid-air energy storage. Fresh from completing their first 5MW/15MWh plant in Bury in the UK this month, Highview Power are now aiming their sights higher as they hope to announce a 50MW/200MWh LAES plant in the UK. Offering 4 hours of storage opens up lucrative capacity market contracts and it also means they can provide Black Start services. As well as utilities, they are also targeting large industrial companies who can benefit from over 20MW of on-site storage. It's really positive to see these new technologies being deployed at such a large scale. To successfully decarbonise our energy production, a broad mix of energy storage technologies will be essential.