This is interesting to read. Perhaps just to me? I have a Mercedes PHEV, the C350e, it is, in many ways a great car. I decided on this as at the time EV Charging infrastructure locally was poor, and I had not off-street parking to install one at home. Both of those situation have changed, in less than 18 months. The electric range isn't great, and even the Gen 3 models mentions are still pretty poor. I would have thought Mercedes would focus on full BEV, and fade out the PHEV. But perhaps the mass market would still prefer the petrol with a token battery, and a better BIK for car taxation!?  I personally, having driven a very good one, don't think there is really much point in PHEV beyond the next couple of years, such is the pace of change in EV Charging infrastructure and BEV model availability. Interestingly the main issue I've had with mine was having to wait 6 weeks for a service as MB had no oil filters in the UK and had supply issues!!  Happy to share thoughts.