With the surge in renewable generation and the fast-changing nature of consumer demand, the energy system is undergoing structural change, creating an unprecedented opportunity for our clients that can harness flexibility within their operations.

Energy suppliers, aggregators, distribution network operators and National Grid are vying to sign-up businesses that can contribute to grid balancing by shifting loads or switch to on-site generation.

After attending a couple of recent events centered on this topic, it's becoming clear that the modern energy professional has to be an expert in technology, risk management, finance, demand-side response, efficiency, behavioural change and market mechanisms to name but a few! As we continue to guide our clients in the search for talent, it's vital we too have a broad & concise understanding of this rapidly evolving landscape. 

I found this article to be very helpful as it tackles the main issues from different perspectives - suppliers, aggregators and networks. Whilst there remains a number of barriers to the market reaching maturity, continuing to discuss, debate and share experiences remains absolutely vital.