This is interesting indeed. We've seen lots of news recently about the inability of gas peaker plants to compete with storage, and up to a third in planning now questionable as to whether they will be built. And now this very sizeable commitment from EDF, shows just much the utilities, at last, see the need to engage and invest.

Perhaps most interesting though was the suggestion that EDF would focus in Europe on the residential storage, behind the meter, market.  This would be hot foot on the announcement that large scale and C&I giant ABB are launching a modular residential storage offering.   How will these giants fair against the first movers in the market, like Sonnen, Tesla and LG Chem?  Will the brand ABB play to a domestic audience?  Will EDF reverse the trend towards challenger utilities like Ovo, Good Energy, Ecotricity, or indeed the Sonnen Community?

One thing is for sure though, perhaps even more so than renewables, energy storage and emobility are becoming mainstream.

Having been exclusively in these sectors since our inception, this is good news, but where the crowds go, so the cowboys follow, and no doubt that will include recruiters!