As this article points out, there are many challenges but also opportunities when it come to large scale EV charging roll outs. One of the major challenges is how to manage multiple vehicles needing to be charged at the same time. Most buildings do not have the electrical capacity to charge all at once. This is where smart charging products come in. It is vital to have a smart management system so you can control how and when the vehicles are charged. There is generally at least a 12 hour window to make sure all the vehicles are fully charged so charging can be staggered.

Having multiple vehicles plugged in overnight also brings the opportunity to add additional revenue streams to your business, including Demand Side Response (DSR) services and Vehicle to Grid (V2G) applications. The industry and service offerings are moving at such a pace and it looks like EO have developed a really neat solution here.

At Hyperion, we are working with some of the industry leading businesses offering EV charging solutions to recruit the talent they need to succeed in this ever evolving market.