Happy International Women's Day! A lot has been achieved in the last 12 months but there is still much to do to promote equality in the energy industry.

We’re currently going through a period of transformation in the industry - how energy is produced, who generates it, the ways it is sold, what distribution networks look like - and it's clear that yesterday's business models are no longer relevant for today's marketplace.

As energy goes through this disruptive shift it requires, now more than ever, new and innovative thinking & expertise.

In this rapidly evolving environment, gender diversity can create such a competitive advantage when approaching new challenges and an overwhelming amount of evidence suggests that companies that embrace diversity outperform their competitors. Financial analysis of the top 200 utilities strongly indicates a correlation between higher gender diversity and higher business performance. Female leadership has proven links to improved business gains through increased profitability, return on equity, and innovation.

Specifically, in the clean energy sector, it is great to see people embracing the challenges of today as it becomes more & more apparent that in order to build a sustainable world, we must also build a more equal one.

It’s so important to discuss, tackle and contest this issue today and to support the brilliant women in our industry now so we can also give talented young people the belief that they can step up and play an integral role in shaping the future our of our planet.