A remarkable case study for the future of Energy Storage across the world and hopefully a catalyst for the production of more systems to finally solve, not only Australia's, but the world's evident power struggle. I talk and write a fair amount about Tesla's Australian battery system by my own admission, however, its hard to ignore the sheer brilliance of it. It surprises me every single time I read more into it.

I think we have established in my previous posts that the system is innovative, efficient and reliable however it seems like Tesla and Neoen have demonstrated the most integral piece of the puzzle... Its profitable, very very very profitable! The system reserves 70MW/39MWh exclusively for the South Australian government to use as needed, however, the main bulk of profits come from the remaining 30MW/90MWh. Neoen chooses to take full advantage of this by trading the energy on the wholesale market. To give you context and reference, Neoen was able to sell electricity at around $14,000 AUD per MWh on January 18 and 19, all this while barely paying anything at all to generate the electricity. It's proving to be a serious cash cow.

I have no doubt that (if it hadn't already) this news will attract investors across vast markets and industries to start taking battery/energy storage seriously. Businesses and investors talk in one language and that language is money. Now the profitability has been demonstrated, it won't be long until the world starts to talk fluently in respects to energy storage.Elon Musk is truly the architect of tomorrow, he talks money, of course he does, but what makes him the most important entrepreneur in the world is that he is able to see things more clearly and he is not blinded by profitability, he is inspired by innovation and change. He has successfully bulldozed the energy industry with no experience what so ever by simply following these principles... If you want to create or innovate, start from a clean slate. Don't accept any ideas, practices or standards just because everyone else is doing them. With this thinking, Musk will likely be remembered as one of the most seminal figures of this millennium and make the world a better place. A lot can be learned from this and I like to think I base my work on these principles also. We are all natural innovators and shouldn't constrain our aspirations or our thinking with normality. Our lives will only change when we become more committed to our dreams than our comfort zone. Step out, think outside the box and let your natural innovation flow.

Fortunately Elon is not the sole innovator in this world. We here at Hyperion love to work with the architects of tomorrow. We are working directly with market leaders in battery technology and energy storage in the UK and across Europe. Our passion for the sector and clean energy as a whole is central to everything we do.  We have a responsibility to ensure that we find the best people for the best companies for ultimately the best possible future of energy generation and efficiency.