I 100% agree with this opinion piece. As the driver of a Mercedes Benz C350e, I can also say that it is an amazing machine. Incredible. Fantastically smooth, quiet, fast and very, very clever. The only downside of course is the range.  I absolutely love driving in full electric, for the limited miles I can, and when you are cruising along, and notice the engine isn't running. And without doubt, my next car will be full electric, for all the reasons above, and highlighted in this article. 

Good timing actually as I saw a post on Linked In yesterday, extolling the virtues of hybrid, but using that as a reason to delay the sector move to full BEV. As usual though, posted by someone with a vested interest in the continuation of combustion engines!

Rest assured, the future of transport is electric, and maybe hydrogen/fuel cells, but not petrol/diesel.