After a year that gave us a brand new instalment of Blade Runner, the futuristic film that depicts a dystopian Los Angeles in 2039 and delves into the effects of technology on the environment, it's encouraging to start 2018 reading about clean energy businesses thinking outside the box and providing a much more optimistic outlook. 

This sci-fi-sounding proposal by the Dutch equivalent of the National Grid is sold as an innovative answer to the industry’s challenge of continuing to make offshore wind cheaper as turbines are pushed ever further off the coast to more expensive sites and the best spots closer to land fill up. 

It's certainly a highly ambitious plan and despite initial concerns about the economics, the scale of this project (which could handle windfarms with a capacity of 30GW, more than twice today's installed offshore wind power across the whole of Europe) could entice new investors such as oil giants Shell, who have recently doubled their clean energy budget but have yet to delve into the offshore wind market.