A clear message of intent from South Australia on their journey to establish themselves as a renewable energy leader within battery storage. Tesla's battery system will dramatically improve the reliability of South Australia's electrical infrastructure by reducing power shortages and efficiently managing the peak time load. A 100 day project time frame for a large scale energy storage solution was very ambitious even by Elon Musk's standards however Tesla never fail to surprise. Doubt can only be removed by action & after completion of regulatory testing the system will go live on December 1st. Honouring the initial 100 day window. The storage system will provide enough power for 30,000 homes during blackout periods with a colossal 100 MW/129 MWh Powerpack system. Increased electric vehicle production across Australia will pressurise the current power system substantially. I think its appropriate for more countries to adopt South Australia's proactive approach & fully focus on energy storage & their electrical infrastructure as a whole. Potentially no country has more to gain out of the clean energy & electric vehicle transition than Australia. They possess an abundance of natural mineral resources used in the production of LI-ION batteries & with this the electric revolution has presented them with an opportunity to establish themselves as a real key player in the industry. At Hyperion we’re certainly playing our part, working closely with some of the market leaders in energy storage and EV Charging, helping to grow their teams and their businesses.