Wow. Tesla is consistently challenging the automotive status quo & bringing electric vehicles to the forefront of consumer debate. Tesla are physically demonstrating how electrical vehicles will surpass all preconceived perceptions in respect to market sustainability, consumer convenience & driver experience. This is a perfect example of the idea that if you want to create or innovate, you must start from a clean slate. This methodology allows Elon Musk to see the industry much more objectively than his competitors, providing him with a platform to catapult EV into the automotive mass market. With production due in 2020, competitors have the time to catch up with Tesla & provide consumers with a wide range of EV products. We undoubtedly head towards a fully electric automotive industry & we are very proud to be working with some of the leading E-mobility companies to recruit the top talent they need to drive the e-mobility sector forward. Our clients operate across the e-mobility supply chain, from vehicles to batteries to Electrical Vehicle charging infrastructure.