The e-mobility revolution is already well underway & promises to change how we travel so the question is… why drive electric? Health, Environment, Finance, Convenience & Cost are all key factors in the shift to EV. All these challenges need to be addressed properly to ensure a fluid transition to an energy efficient & sustainable form of global transport. Consumers understand the positive impact EV can have but are still reluctant when the opportunity arises to choose an electric alternative…why? Because at this present time EV is still an alternative & the industry infrastructure does not truly incentivise consumers. Yet.The world needs to work collaboratively to firmly decentralise the energy market in the eyes of the consumer, as the e-mobility sector moves forward we will see a drastic change in the way we not only produce, but price our energy too. EV has the power to directly influence further industry change & gives us logical guidance to overhaul our energy infrastructure & make necessary investments in renewables & grid technology. E-Mobility provides us with better air quality, lower vehicle operating costs, environmental savings & (most importantly for the consumer) better vehicle performance. The restructuring must centre on renewable energy & this can be achieved with the backing of major government policy commitments, increase of decentralised energy installations & growth of domestic/grid scale energy storage. Today’s world demands consumer convenience. To truly establish EV at the forefront of the market we need to work collaboratively.  We need to meet increased energy demands, minimise the cost & lower the existing impact on the power grid. Then & only then will we truly incentivise consumers to move to EV & charge on renewables. At Hyperion we’re certainly playing our part, working closely with some of the market leaders in eMobility and EV Charging, growing their teams and their businesses. Charging forward as one.