I hope Google get around to running this programme for the UK. It's a small area, 24 milliion homes, 1.6 million commercial properties, thereabouts. Before those of you in sunnier climates laugh, the UK is a good place for solar. Not as good as Spain or California clearly, but despite the rain, we get daylight, and quite often sunshine. Having been director of one of the very first accredited solar installers in the UK, back in 2007, we installed over 7MW of solar pre-2013 (boy was it expensive then), when the UK still measured in MW not GW. 

Sadly our government is ideologically opposed to solar, it has decimated the industry and makes zero mention of solar in it's Energy & Industrial Strategy document. This software could show them just how much viable roof space we have. Sadly they still think of the world as centralised not decentralised, or probably it's more the case it suits them and their corporate funders to think that way!

But those in the industry know for sure, regardless of Trump, Abbott, or May, solar will win the day.