it's a long time ago that Czech author Karel Capek first coined the word ROBOT. For many of us since our childhoods were filled with robots in the form of toys, cartoons and science fiction stalwarts. The present reality is very different.

This article may be a little political, but it makes a very valid point that needs to be addressed. If much social dissent and dissatisfaction is born from worklessness created by the end of manual labour in manufacturing, replaced by robots, what further ill effects will be created by the inevitable move towards autonomous driving? 

Energy is central to every person and every society on the planet. We need to consider the negative externalities of the energy/transport transition, as well as the enormous benefits. We know where all the jobs went, and are going, but what do we do now? Clean energy does and will create many thousands of jobs, but largely skilled and knowledge based, but what for the semi-skilled and unskilled workers replaced by robots and autonomous mobility?