As expected there is an awful lot of knee jerk reaction to the election of Trump. I'm guilty myself. But trying to ignore everything else (I know!) and focus on energy. Clearly the rhetoric about coal and fossil fuels is pretty scary as both an inhabitant of planet earth, and as an entrepreneur in the clean energy sector. But we know Trump told an awful lot of lies in his campaign, flip-flopped on a lot of issues, and changed his message to his audience (smart guy). So, whilst we can guess, and fear the worst, we won't actually know anything for sure until he takes office. 

Two things give me confidence in the future though. The tide of technology and change can never be stopped or reversed, slowed maybe, but not for long. Let's face it, when Trump sees better economics, job growth and business opportunity in clean energy, he may well be a zealous convert. We can but hope.

The other of course, is that whilst the US is clearly a major world player, it isn't the only player. The rest of the world will carry on, as indicated here, China, India, the EU, will all carry on the journey.

Which leads me to my final point. If you are a clean energy company, investor, or executive. EMEA, MENA and APAC are all open for business, open for investment, and open to your product, investment or expertise. And if you need help to move or grow your business in these regions, we at Hyperion are here to help.