Remote working. When you say these words some people think 'flexibility and opportunity', others think 'lazyness and loss of control'.  The concept, and indeed the reality of remote working has been with us some time, yet still many businesses fear only the downside. How will we know if they are actually working?!!  Well, that has to come down to trust, and all the best relationships built on trust? Why not the employer/employee relationship?

What an opportunity remote working provides for both employers (access to a bigger pool of talent) and employees (no commute or need to relocate), to name just two. 

Of course some people may take advantage and skive, but then, those people are doing just the same in your office, They are just hiding it.  It's about getting the right person in the first place, employing them, engaging them, managing them and supporting them.

Today with technology there is very little excuse not to consider the possibilities.