I'm still pretty stunned and angry about the outcome of the EU referendum. For so many personal and business reasons it was a blow. Waking up in Munich for the last day of Intersolar the mood among my British compatriots was somber. As is indicated in this article, no one has any faith that this government will do anything other than further slash support for, and scare off, investment in renewables and energy efficiency. The EU at least kept a semblance of check on the worst fossil loving excesses of the regime. A thoroughly depressing outcome for UK environment and those who work in the renewable and environmental sector. And of course the environment knows and respects no borders, so it's bad news for all.

However, we all fight on. At Hyperion most of our assignments are already overseas, and we will continue to grow our overseas teams and business. We will continue on our mission to find the very best people, for the very best companies in the renewable sector. Regardless of any vote, at Hyperion we remain European.