A topic close to my heart, talent and teams. No business can succeed without having the right people in the right role, at the right time (and being managed and motivated in the right way).  As former GE CEO and business legend said, "Getting the right people in the right job is a lot more important than developing a strategy." He also said "the team with the best players wins." 

It's not just about recruiting the best talent you can afford, it's about building the best team. A team of A-Players all contributing for the good of the team. Of everyone reading this is thinking 'Of course, nothing new there'. But how many have really taken that to the core of their recruiting practice and policy? How many consider team dynamic as well as individual talent?  How many actually recruit for talent, rather than the staple '5-10 years of industry experience'.  Having industry experience is of course important in most jobs, otherwise we'd have no business, but it's also about the right balance. The right blend of talent, motivation, experience and team fit.  If you believe in that, why not let us help with your next important hire, because we believe that too.