There is no doubt that everyone, politicians aside, sees the rapidly changing dynamic in the technologies that will soon be the mainstream in the energy sector. The problems I hear in day to day conversations with clients and contacts alike is that a) Politicians have no grasp of the energy landscape, they just love the status quo (Don't take risks on my watch) and b), even those at DECC, Ofgem and the National Grid are only just getting a feel for just how fast technology and cost reduction is happening. We need a bold, committed energy policy for the future, not short fixes, mishmash ideas and instant ROI thinking.  The Victorians built an infrastructure built for a century (electricity and gas grids, sewage etc), with long term thinking and a zealous belief in new technology.  A long way from what we have now.

As a thought, scrap HS2 and use the £32billion to create an energy system built for the next 100 years, I'd sacrifice an extra 20 minutes on my train time to London in return quite happily!