This article really shows how the new FIT regime has not been properly considered. Grouping 50kW projects with MW projects under the same cap just doesn't make sense. Now from 1st July FIT rates for installations from 50kW-5MW will reduce by 10%. This is largely down to one large project in the quarter accounting for over 15% of the allocated funds.

Having worked on many commercial rooftop projects in the past, I know the length of time it can take to  make a decision to go ahead with a project. Now with FIT rates highly likely to be reducing by 10% per quarter it creates even more uncertainty for businesses and makes that decision a lot harder. 

We should be doing everything possible to encourage commercial rooftop solar so that energy can be generated directly where it is needed. Installing solar is all about energy independence. Although many projects rely on FITs, life without them will be a much simpler time!