The key to unlocking the potential of commercial rooftop solar still seems elusive. Way back in 2012, whilst director at Eco Environments, we installed our first 250kwp system, fully funded (it was in fact 400kwp over two roofs). We thought the floodgates would open, free solar, reduced electricity costs, a nice green 'badge of honour', companies would rush to sign up. How wrong we were. 

Fast forward to 2016 and of course there are some successful companies installing commercial rooftop solar, but as the stats show, it's still pretty small scale.  Progress is being made though, six months ago, at Hyperion, we've helped Kingspan Energy recruit a senior sales person for rooftop solar in the UK, and we are currently working with SAG group in Germany to recruit a team for their rooftop solar division. Let's hope the momentum continues to build. More jobs, more solar, less Carbon.